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Motion Graphics

Term Of Service


1. If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Service, please contact us.

2. We have the rights to post our works and its progress on social media.

3. Clients have the rights to tell us to wait until they’ve revealed the commisions results first.

4. We have the rights to use our works as our portfolio.

5. Anyone interested to be in the waitlist is required to give us their references before we consider their commisions.

6. Everyone on our waitlist will be notified via twitter DM. We will also give updates on when we will start on their commisons via DM.

7. We have to be notified of any changes on references before we start our work. Any changes made after work has started will be considered as a major revision.

8. Files will be sent to our clients via google drive link.

9. We will REJECT comms that:
a. We're not comfortable with or not within our style.
b. Doesn’t have any certainty of whether it will be continued or not.
c. Doesn’t have clear reference(s).
d. Asks us to make icons or illustrations which have official copyrights (for example, Hello Kitty from Sanrio, Hatsune Miku from Krypton, Kirby from Nintendo etc.).
e. Is requested from alt accounts / new accounts to avoid frauds.
Please contact us with your main account if you want to commission us.


1. Only 1 major revision(s) and 2 minor revision(s) are allowed depending on the order, additional revisions will be charged. For design, it'll cost $10 for minor revisions and $20 for major revisions depending on complexity. For animation, it'll cost $10 for minor revisions and $15-30 for major revisions depending on complexity. Revisions will increase turnaround time.

a. Major Revision(s) are revisions which fully change the concept from the initial one such as changing the fonts, typography, attributes, illustrations, and color palette.

b. Minor Revision(s) are revisions which only change small details of the work such as slightly changing the colors (shade, saturation, brightness), patterns, gloss, shadow, small attributes like sparkles or glitters, etc.

c. No Revisions after final delivery with the exception of 1 Additional Minor Revision that can be requested within 7 days of delivery, specifically for addressing errors or inaccuracies in the delivered files.

Deadlines and Deliveries

1. The sketch can take as long as 2-3 days and the final results up to 10-15 days. We do not take rushed orders for design.

2. Our slot for designs are limited so we will only selective with accepting commissions. We will only accept commissions that we are able to do best.

Commercial Use and Permissions

1. Using our works for commercial usage requires clients to pay a commercial fee. You don’t have permission to use our works for profit unless you bought a package in which commercial rights are included and paid for.

a. Commercial rights is a permission for clients so they could use our works for profit digitally such as streaming, social media post, digital watermark, etc.

b. Commercial printing rights is a permission for clients to print our design in a form of physical products for profit such as physical merchandise client makes.

c. Commercial fee DOES NOT ALLOW clients to modify, edit, trace, or make a design that’s heavily inspired from ours. Recoloring is allowed.

d. Commercial fee DOES NOT mean that clients owns the work, our clients only pays to use our work commercially and has our permission to do so, the copyright still fully belongs to us.
2. Using our work requires credit. We require clients to give proper credits. Credit @decoplum18 (for designs) and @Niina_spring (for animation). This includes crediting us in twitch description / tags on posts / in bio for logos.3. Please do not claim our works as your own.4. Only our clients are allowed to use our works, except for works that we have explicitly said to be free to use. Please still credit us properly if you do use those works.5. WE DO NOT ALLOW our works to be posted on sites such as Pinterest. Please do notify us if you do see our works there.6. WE DO NOT ALLOW tracing, distribution, and sales of digital copies of our works, especially on a site that allows people to freely download and modify our works.7. WE DO NOT ALLOW heavy referencing of out works.


No refund policy. We do not offer full refunds if work has already started. We do not offer partial refunds unless we initiated the refund.If you choose to cancel your order before work has begun, please note that a cancellation fee of 20% of the total order price will apply.


1. We require our clients to be communicative, if clients are not responsive during the working process within 2x24 hours, we will continue the comms as we see fit. If there’s no communication or feedback within 7x24 hours, the order will be cancelled and no refund.

2. Please tell us specifically about what you are looking for. If you are uncertain, please give us full creative discretion over the design and/or animation.

3. If you do not give us full creative discretion, it is important to be clear and specific with your requests. Ambiguous or vague requests may result in responses that may not fully address your intention.